Slow connection when using iPhone with two esim numbers

Hello all,

I am using an iphone with two esim number on it. These numbers are both active.

I also have my Ring App on this iPhone. As soon as the doorbell rings via my Ring camera, I get a notification that someone is at the door,
and then I try to connect so I can see and communicate with the person standing at the door.

However, it takes a very long time before I can connect, and the person has already left.

I have now found out that this has to do with the two esim which is active on my iphone. If I turn off one of the two numbers,
I will quickly connect to my ring camera. It does not matter which of the two numbers is turned off.

Do you have a solution for this, so that I can connect quickly at all times, even if two numbers are active.

Is it possible to adjust the app to choose a number that I can install as a preference in the app?

Hi @Nero037. This community post here had a similar concern.