Siren ring even though I have entry delay

When I have the alarm on set to home or away and open the door, the siren goes off. I have a delay for both entry and exit, but the siren still goes off right away as soon as the door is opened. Am I missing something here? Sometimes I get home late and don’t remember to turn the alarm off before entering so the siren wakes the whole house. Any help would be much appreciated.

Each contact sensor has a setting as to whether it is an entry door or not. Yoiu might want to check the setting for that device. The entry/exist delay settings tell you how much time you have when a entry sensor is triggered. But if the sensor is not set up that way and is seen as a regular door/window, then the alarm will be immediate.


That was it!!! Thank you so much Brad.


Where do you find the setting for the sensor to make it an “entry door”?

This may sound like a stupid question, but how does it know if your coming in (i.e. entry delay) or going out (i.e. exit delay)?

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In device settings. Under alarm, go to the sensor for the door you want the delay and tap placement. In there you can alter the settings.

It’s the same delay for both entry and exit. If it’s set to 1 minute. It’s a minute when you leave or exit. You can also set the motion detectors the same way if wanted.

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