Single Doorbell Pro, a 24VAC/40VA transformer, 2 Heath Zenith 35 Base mechanical chimes - how many Pro Power Kits?

Ciao…so the house came with a single (front) Ring Doorbell Video Pro and 2 mechanical chimes powered by a Honeywell 24VAC/40VA transformer. The chimes are not daisy chain connected (in series?) as per Ring’s wiring diagrams.

Instead, the basement chime is connected with a 2-conductor cord (red/white) with red (hot) running from Transformer screw to transformer, and white (neutral/common) from Front screw to white wire running thru a 5-conductor (R/B/W/Y/G) cord leading to the upstairs chime. The white wires from each cord are spliced at the 24VAC transformer in the garage. The doorbell’s red wire is connected to the transformer (spliced into the Blue wire near the upstairs chime) and the doorbell’s white wire is spliced into the upstairs chime white wire (via Pro Power Kit harness) along with the white wire coming from the garage transformer. The 5 conducter cord Red wire connects to the other side of the Pro Power Kit which connects to the Transformer screw on upstairs chime. Would a second Pro Power Kit be needed in this type of configuration?


Hi @mamazon. A second Pro Power Kit is only required if you are installing a second Doorbell Pro or a Doorbell Pro and Doorbell to two chimes with two transformers. We have these Help Center articles with information on installing a Doorbell Pro. If you need further assistance with wiring, we recommend you consult a qualified electrician.