Simplisafe User Thinking of Switching

I have had Simplisafe for over a year now, its a decent system and simple to install. The doorbell they have has been ok, but has gotten much better over time with stability but still not 100% (nothing ever is I know). Family we talk to has setup Ring camera outside with a doorbell and two outdoor ones, they love them and the community features. I was surprised Ring has a alarm system. Now Simplisafe is good, but lacks one major thing: outdoor cameras. So infuriating to me that I can’t get some, and the only solution is to buy a simplicam for $100 and put a $20 outdoor covering on it and I refuse. No lights on it, nothing.

I saw systems for Ring on sale at costco and was about to get one, replace the door bell as well and then add the outdoor cameras and lights. So questions to the community:

  1. How stable is the Ring Alarm sytstem?

  2. How is the professional monitoring and response?

  3. Can anybody compare to other systems not only Simplisafe?

  4. Keypad, I don’t want it plugged up how long the battery last on a charge?

  5. Any issues with the system that stand out?

I don’t mind the glass break sensor missing or keyfob missing, I would add a glass break sensor but with the community asking I bet Ring will add one soon. Thank you.

Hey neighbor!

Great to hear you’re thinking about Ring. From personal experience (being a ‘young adult’ and living in a big city) I absolutely love my Ring Alarm. Growing up my parents had one of those big systems that totally I hated and now, with the sleek design and easy to use App features, Ring Alarm has changed that. I 100% enjoy it and really can’t complain about the cost ($10/month $100/year!).

We have some pretty great support articles on that may help answer any questions you have. Here is the link:

Another article you may find helpful is the Linked Devices article:–Linked-Devices-Automatically-Record-on-Cameras-when-Alarm-is-Triggered

Also, we do have Modes coming out and has started to roll out, but it is not available for everyone quite yet. Don’t worry-- it will soon become available for all.

As mentioned, we do NOT have a Glass Break Sensor. You can link it to Amazon Alexa and enable the skill. I do not have a time frame on when, if, that will become available – just being transparent.

Also, have you had a chance to talk to our 24/7 support team? They can also assist with any questions you have as well as go into more detail about some of these questions :slight_smile:

I’ll let some other nieghbors with Alarm chime in as well. Let us know if you have any other questions :slight_smile:

Hey Jennifer!

I posted a reply to this topic yesterday and I saw it posted but somehow it is not showing up any longer. Do you know what may have happened to it? I have a screen shot of it so I know that it was posted.