Simple setup and great usability!

Upgraded our 10 year old Yale Wireless Alarm System to the Ring Alarm System.

I was very impressed with the ease with which I managed to setup the whole system. It took me nearly an hour and 30 min to install the full package which included the full kit + 2 extra door sensors and 4 extra PIR sensors.

The app is quite user friendly and the fact that the main features are easily accessible through the ‘dashboard’ is extremely convenient.

As other users have mentioned an external siren would be really helpful, however the siren that’s included is quite loud. Having tested it, it’s easily heard in my neighbourhood!

Another suggestion would be geolocation on and off of the home and away feature would be a great idea.

All in all very pleased with it overall from installation to setup and great usability with simple effective app and Alexa integration.


Thank you for sharing your experience with transitioning to Ring Alarm @Drmsa . I’m glad to see how much you’ve enjoyed using it thus far! Our team is always working to bring innovation and integration, so be sure to keep an eye on to see future features, devices, and additions to the Alarm.

Feel free to share any requests you might have along the way, in our Feature Request thread, as we love sharing neighbor feedback with the team. Thank you for being the best part of the Community! :slight_smile:

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