Simple question from a new ring 2 owner

I just got a Ring 2 as a gift and am planning to install it this weekend. I just have a few questions that i was hoping to get some help with. I don’t really know much abotu doorbell waiting so these may be dumb questions.

  1. if i hook up my ring 2 to the existing doorbell wiring, will it keep the battery charged, or will i still need to take it out and charge it every so often.

  2. If i use the existing doorbell wiring, will it ring my existing (old fashioned) doorbell chime when someone rings the doorbell using the ring 2?

  3. if the answer to the first two questions is no, then what’s the advantage to connecting the existing wiring?

  4. I will need to install the ring2 on vinyl siding because the door casing on my front door is too narrow. Can I just use the wedge kit that came with the doorbell or is there is different/better mounting plate i can use?

These are great questions @Blairdee2000 !

  1. Connecting your Video Doorbell 2 to the existing doorbell wiring certainly can result in a slow charge of the battery. While it will extend the time between charges depending on use, the battery will still need to be charged at some point.
  2. The existing chime kit will definitely be functional as long as it is listed on our Chime Compatibility List.
  3. Keep in mind that the existing transformer should be rated for 8 to 24 VAC for the above to work as intended. Check out our help center article about wiring the Doorbell to existing wires, for instructions on doing so.
  4. Yes, the wedge kit is an excellent solution for creating a flat plane on vinyl siding. Many neighbors have shared success with this!

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response.

I still have one point of cunfusion. If connecting the ring 2 to the existing doorbell wires doesn’t provide much charge for the batters, then what woudl be the reason to hardwire it? Is the only advantage of hardwiring, just to get it to work with an existing chime?

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So i just ordered the ring chime - i like the options that it offers, so i will not have any need to make use of my existing old fashioned chime.

with that said, is there any reason to connect my ring 2 to the existing wiring? Is there any advantage?

and if i decide not to connect it to the wiring, what do i do with the old wires when i remove the old doorbell?

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It looks liek either way, i will need to locate my existing doorbell transformer. If i want to disconnect the existing doorbell wiring then i will still want to locate and disconnect the transformer, right?

Trick is that I cant seem to find the doorbell transformer. I have looked near the chime, in the coat closet by the front door, in and around the electric panel and in the two utility closets in the finished basement and I don’t see any sign of the transformer.

Any ideas on how I could go about locating the transformer?

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Look in the attic, top of the stairs. You might see a switch for lighting, maybe one for an A/C, and maybe the doorbell transformer.

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Attached wires to ring to work doorbell. The ring will charge for approximately 30 days and remove and charge again rinse and repeat. You can add a solar panel to ring and then it’s self charging! Easy peazy no worries!
RA Corona Ca.92880

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