Simple Newby Question

Hi - please bare with me on this one!!

I have just installed my first Ring camera and it works great.

However, I can’t stop the jingle every time there is movement. How do I turn this (and nothing else) off? I’ve looked through the app but it seems to turn off other things as well.

thanks in anticipation.

Hi @dcholme. If you still want to receive a notification when motion is detected but you want it to be silent, you can change the alert tone for motion in the Ring App. Follow the steps below to make these alerts silent.

  • In the Ring App, tap the menu in the top left and select Devices.

  • Tap on your Ring Camera and tap Device Settings.

  • Choose Notification Settings and then App Alert Tones.

  • Tap on Motions and then choose the Silent option from the list.

You should be all set! This will allow you to receive notifications when motion is detected, but it will be silent. You can always change this again if needed by following the same steps, and the same can be done for when someone rings the Doorbell as well. :slight_smile: