Simple Command (S/C) not recognizing status of sensors

Our front door lock is connected to our Ring alarm so we can lock and unlock via the app.

I have a (S/C) command that will automatically lock our front door with a 1 min delay once the door has been closed. This feature recently stopped working. After some digging, simple commands does not see the current status of any of my ring devices including the front door sensor or the lock.

I can however lock and unlock with simple commands and the status changes, but it wont change the status of the lock if i manually lock or unlock it. It does however change in the ring app.

I have deleted ring from S/C and re-added it but still the same.

I also have Samsung smarthings connected to the S/C app and it does see the current status of lights and other devices connected to smarthings.

Hi @dc7391. After checking with the appropriate teams here, they confirmed for me that SimpleCommands is not supported with the Ring Alarm at this time, and therefore this may be why you have limited scope on the app. At this time, I recommend contacting SimpleCommands for support when it comes to the Ring Alarm and what they do. Hope this helps! Feel free to post any information you get back from their support team, as your answer my help other neighbors using SimpleCommands. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply. Ring did work with S/C. I mean it still see’s all my devices and i can turn on and off lights and even lock and unlock the door if i wanted. It just doesn’t read the state of each device anymore. But it used to.

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