Simple account change apparently beyond Ring techies to action

I am attempting to get a problem solved with my account but apparently Ring support find it impossible to action.

Problem as follows -

  1. I set up my account on Ring to match my current Amazon Alexa account as I need accounts to match to be able to access all of the available options.

  2. Unfortunately I could not do this as, when I attempt to do so, Ring has to send me a verification email to allow me access. None of these emails are arriving so I can’t set up the account.

  3. I did manage to set up an account using my mother’s email (who lives at the same address). However, unfortunately this means that the doorbell does not ring on Alexa devices as the accounts are different.

So, I do need my verification for my matching account to be sent to my phone instead of my email (which does not work).

Easy yes? NO!

This morning I spent over an hour with Ring support, also involving their security team and it appears they find this simple request impossible to action.

They did take me through numerous options to change the email on my account, etc but all options ultimately lead to Ring sending me yet another verification email which I can’t read!

So I hope someone from Ring monitors these posts as I would like to ask why it is so hard for them to change an account request to send verification to my mobile and NOT my email.

Note that email addresses have been omitted for security reasons but can be provided if someone can fix this for me. In the meantime I am stuck with doorbell that rings outside but not in the house.


Thanks SE - I will continue to do so.

As an ex IT techie myself I know this should be an easy job for any competent security bod so it amazes me that Ring find this simple request so complicated!

I hope someone from Ring does monitor these items and might chip in at some stage too…

Hi @Bakersboy. As @SolarEclipse mentioned, this is a public neighbor to neighbor forum and we do not have access to any account information. We have this information here available to change your email address. If this information is unhelpful, you’ll have to reach out to our support team. Since, you’ve already done this, I’d suggest asking to speak to our level 2 support team or a supervisor. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.