Silent Alarms for Medicine/Alcohol Cabinets

I currently have number of Ring Alarm Security floodlights on the outside of our home and our existing old wired security system died. I would like to purchase a new Security system and would like to stay on the ring platform vs Simplisafe. Simplisafe though talks about silent alarms which can be installed on internal rooms or cabinets to send a notification to the app but not alert authorities. I’m looking to secure some cabinets that contain alcohol and medicine. Ring does not seem to advertise this feature but this doesn’t seem like a complicated addition that would be popular for anyone that needs to control these types of items. Anyone aware of if this can be done easily with Ring Security?

I’ve set up sensors on my safes. I get alerts when open and closed. They are set to not go off with the alarm. But I do know what is going on with them.

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Thanks for the reply. That’s exactly the type of thing I want to do. Is that a setting in the app that you select to get alerts but not alarm?

Yes, it’s in the mode settings. You can turn on or off the sensors in the home and away modes. So, I set everything to go on in away even my safes. But in my home mode they are not turned on to set off my alarm. But I still get notifications and events if they are opened and closed. I had to mount them on the outside since they’re thick metal of course but I will get a tamper notification if anyone tries to play with the sensors. I would think a wood cabinet should allow you to place them inside if needed. You can place them inside and see what the signal looks like before you stick them in place.

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