Silence Siren


So we added a smoke and co listener over the weekend and it does work. This morning, while I was working my wife burned her breakfast on the stove and set off the smoke detectors. Ring picked it up perfectly and I was notified within seconds by the app and a phone call, perfect service from Ring. Anyways, my wife silenced the smoke detector but could not silence the Ring base station. I had to from the app while I was talking to the Ring person as I was texting my wife during this.

Is there a way to silence the siren physically on site? Maybe on the keypad? If so how? I have always just used the app to do anything for the Ring system as my phone is never really far from me.

Hi @Rebj2323. You should be able to Disarm the Ring Alarm on your Keypad to stop the Smoke Alarm. You can reference this Help Center article here for more information.