Signal Strength

Hi, I have noticed that one of my Floodlight Cameras (Pro) is displaying a Signal Strength which does not show green amber or red. It is simply grey. Whilst the camera is working it does have a fairly high RSSI of -63 but it has been much worse and shown in red. I do not know what the grey colour signifies. Can anyone help. Thanks.

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I am experiencing this as well with 3 of my devices. I called Ring Support this past weekend to ask what the gray meant and they did not have any idea.

Hi neighbors. Are you experiencing any performance issues with your Ring Cameras or Doorbells? An RSSI of -63 is bordering on the higher end where you may start to experience some performance concerns. Iā€™d recommend just keeping an eye out for any issues that could be related to the performance of your device.

The Ring app is updated relatively frequently, which is why you might be seeing a different color for the text in one part of the app compared to before. Are you on an Android or iOS device, and which version of the Ring app? Feel free to attach a screenshot as well showing what you see on your end.