Signal strength

Hello, this is my first visit. Installed Ring doorbell 2 weeks ago but it’s a bit hit & miss what it picks up. Examples : Sometimes it picks up motion & rings the chime unit but not the app on my phone, sometimes it’s fine : If I’m out, it is slow to notify me there’s someone at the door, by the time I’ve realised, the caller has gone: Quite often the message " activating device" is present for a long time.
I thought it could be my WiFi speed but I’ve had that checked and it’s fine, both indoors and outside where the doorbell is. In the device health check it tells me that the RSSI -66. I don’t know what that means.
What can I do?

Hi @Katykat. Whenever the Live View is not activating or there are delays with notifications, it is usually due to the signal that your Ring is receiving. You said that the RSSI on your Doorbell is -66, which is going to impact its ability to maintain a stable connection with your wifi and perform properly. I’d recommend looking at our Community Post on RSSI to learn more. As for how to improve the RSSI and improve your Doorbell’s performance, you can check out this Help Center Article. Once you improve the RSSI on your Doorbell, you should see fewer delays with the notifications and the Live View should load more consistently and quickly for you. :slight_smile:

My signal strength was fine (40ish) then suddenly dropped to 80. I tried changing to the chme network (which is jsut on the ohter side of a window) and still no change (81). So I took the usual approach and restarted the device by removing and resinserting the battery of the doorbell. Presto back to 41. So a) a device restart from the app woudl be nice, and b) this is not a good sign for Ring’s wifi implementation.