Sidewalk Enabled?


I have a doorbell and wireless flood light. I follow the instructions to switch off sidewalk on my iphone. I do have the latest software version mentioned in the instructions but I do not see a slider to turn it off. It says enabled devices and shows 3 different floodlight types, one of which is the one I have. Does this mean my device is enabled and I can’t disable it? Is there a way to confirm if it is actually disabled using Windows 10/laptop account?

Like many others on here, I am not a fan of this and if I am unable to disable sidewalk, I will be getting rid of my devices and using another option.


Hi @Paper. This Community post here should be able to answer all of your questions about Sidewalk. I hope this helps.

Nice cop out canned response Tom_Ring, you didn’t answer my questions and are probably just a bot anyway. I am going to assume by the fact I have a compatible device and I can not opt out that I am too late, therefor I will be looking for other security options away from Amazon/Ring.


Hi @Paper. I didn’t intend for my response to come across as “canned”. I’m a real person and I’m here to provide you with accurate information. As explained in the thread I shared, you must have a Sidewalk enabled device to use Sidewalk. Try joining the conversation in this thread here, which goes further into detail on Sidewalk and has a link that directs you to a more comprehensive list of compatible devices. I hope this helps.