sick of this already

turned off on 2nd day…had to remove the ring app, put it back in…now i am trying to just reset it up…tried to add my husband and everything went haywire…

i can tell this is going to be like everything else, either no real people or recording calls no time for this…sorry…

Hey @kathieh, what concern are you running into? Are you unable to set up the device on your Ring app, an issue with ownership (showing someone is already registered to the device), or are you trying to add your husband as a shared user? Knowing exactly what you are running into will help the neighbors in the Community get you to a resolution!

thank you…yes…tried to add george hours and hours…i finally got myself online again by removing the app and back on…his ? no he will be home soon i will try again.

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@kathieh Hey that’s great to hear that you were able to get back on in your app! To add your husband you will need to now add him as a shared user. You can find out how to add him as a shared user here. Once you have sent him an invitation to add him as a shared user, you will then have him create an account with his email address you invited him under, and he will use that for his Ring app. Hope this helps for when he is home to get that sorted out!