Should I Get a Wired or Wireless Security Camera?

Many people are interested in adding security cameras to their home setup, but there are things to consider when choosing which one is right for you. Once you know where you would like to place your camera, the next step is asking “should I get a wired or wireless security camera for that location?” Below is a break down of the main difference to consider when deciding between wired and wireless cameras.

Power Source


  • Wired Security Cameras - There are less concerns of your device being affected by high or low temperatures from summer and winter if it is plugged in for power. This is because it is constantly receiving power, which means there is no concern of missing events from your battery dying faster in the colder days of the year.
  • Wireless Security Cameras - High and low temperatures need to be considered when installing a wireless camera outdoors because the battery will be affected. Low winter temperatures are likely to drain your battery faster than during normal temperatures, it is important to consider that you might be changing your batteries more during different seasons.


  • Wired Security Cameras - Needing the access to a power plug or junction box can make this seem like a difficult option. However, it is worth it if it will be recording a lot of videos or is hard to reach, as changing batteries often in a high install location can be tough.
  • Wireless Security Cameras - Not having to worry about long wires or junction boxes can make these easy to install in unique locations where power isn’t simple to access. Note: It is still important to consider how easy the camera is to access for charging the battery as needed.

App Feature Settings

  • Wired Security Cameras - Receiving constant power allows your device to have more feature options because battery drain is not a concern. For example, if you like your recordings to be longer from events in front of your camera you can choose the highest setting without worrying about needing to charge your battery more.
  • Wireless Security Cameras - Having to keep battery life in mind can limit features that will work with your camera. For example, if your camera is recording for an extended amount of time, the battery will drain faster, so you might not be able to have long recording settings without having to change your battery every day.

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