Should I finish installation of Ring Video Doorbell Pro v2 or first change transformer?

I have connected the Power Pack v2 across the chime, but when I press the existing doorbell, the striker does not move enough to strike the chime bar. The transformer drops from 21 volts to about 8 volts. I wish someone would post the power scheme for these components, but the Power Pack and the chime are connected in parallel, and the circuit is closed only when the (old) doorbell is pressed. From what I have been able to find, the Power Pack v2 partially bypasses the chime to pass power to the ring doorbell and yet still allow the chime to function with the ring doorbell, but how? This has to be more than a simple resistor - or they would call it that. Anyway, should I finish the installation and see if the mechanical chime will work with the ring doorbell unit, or does this indicate I need a new, more current capable transformer? Thanks in advance -:slight_smile:

Hi @jdvoracek. You can find the installation instructions for the Video Doorbell Pro in our Help Center article here. The Pro Power Kit v2 needs to be installed in order for the Doorbell Pro to function properly. You’re welcome to try installing the Doorbell to see if the chime kit performs properly. If it doesn’t, you may need to replace either the chime kit or the transformer.

Yes, those are the instructions I was following, but I just noticed the mechanical chime quit working AFTER I installed the Power Pack v2 but BEFORE I installed the Pro 2 doorbell itself. I since have finished the doorbell install, and it worked as it should, except the mechanical chime still did not. I got a confirmation that the old transformer might be the issue by looking at the device health on the ring app. I didn’t screen shot the before, but the transformer voltage was “poor” and the strength was “level 2 (or 3, varied)”. I replaced the transformer with one from Amazon 24 volts, 40 VA which was at least twice the physical heft of the old one. Transformer voltage is shown AFTER the new transformer, and the mechanical chime again works.

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