Shorten the signal to my mechanical chime?

As my header says, is there a way to shorten the Ring’s signal to my mechanical chime.

I have essentially like a mini version of a firehouse bell for my doorbell chime. With my old doorbell, a quick push made it ring once.

Now that I have installed the Ring though, when I ring the doorbell, it sends a signal to the chime to ring it, but instead of a short burst of a ring. It’s a prolonged ringing of our chime for about a good 5 seconds. The problem is that it’s a really really loud bell. You really only want to hear a 1 second burst of the chime.

So is there a way to shorten whatever signal from our Ring to the bell chime?

Hi @ncm222. There is not a way to regulate the time that the Ring Video Doorbell rings you mechanical chime. There is only an option to completely disable the in home chime kit. This can be found under the Device Settings > General Settings > Internal Doorbell Settings and opt out of having it ring your mechanical chime. We do have a list of compatible chimes here, depending our your Doorbell model. Let me know if this answers your question!