Short useless videos less than1 or 2 seconds when doorbell detects motion

I’m on my second doorbell.

Got a replacement sent after 5 calls to ring customer support a couple weekends ago

The issue is that when the doorbell detects motion, it doesn’t take a 30 second minimum video like it should. The videos are often less than on second long… Not long enough to even make heads or tails out of what its actually seeing.

So after trouble shooting the thing with ring support one Sunday. After multiple dropped calls ( with no call back ) they decided to send me a new doorbell.

Got it installed. So far out of about 5 motion events… only one video is longer than 5 seconds.

Beyond frustrated. Anyone else have this problem? I haven’t been able to find it in the forums yet.

Hi @RRogers81. I’m so sorry to hear you had to go through so many hoops and you’re still experiencing this concern. It’s possible that you may have some firewall restrictions on your router that are preventing the video from being streamed and recorded. If you can, please review our Ring Help Center Article here to look over what ports and protocols settings you may need to adjust to help address this firewall concern. Hope this helps!

I have the same issue, I was told it is a phone problem that causes the short videos but I am not on my PC and see that the videos are less than one second long and Ring support is closed for chat. I think this issue needs a resolution Ring!!!