Short Power Cable

I have several AC powered Spotlight Pro cameras that I want to mount under the eves around my house. When we had the house built we had outlets installed in the eves specifically for the Ring cameras. I only need a foot or two of power cord to connect these cameras to AC. The USB-C power adapter that comes with the camera is almost 20ft long. Is there an option for a shorter cable? A standard USB-C power adapter and cable don’t seem to work. Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @Timh1. There is not an option for a shorter cable. I would suggest coiling the existing cable to the appropriate length and tidying it up with a cable tie.

Can you tell me why a standard USB-C power adapter does not work with my camera? The voltage and current seem to be correct. It would solve my problem if a 3rd party off-the-shelf USB-C power adapter and standard USB-C cable would work. As I mentioned in the initial message. I’ve tried this and it does not power up the camera. As careful as I am coiling up the existing cable it just does not look good.

Hi @Timh1. Only the Ring branded power adapter will work, and no other power adapters have been tested.