Shocking Performance on Notification

My Ring doorbell alerts are taking upto 90 seconds to come through, I have really fast broadband and excelent wifi coverage, but I get the alerts well after people have left my property. I have a Samsung phone and Mesh Wifi Network. I pay for the web service but think its the cloud platform that has latency issues. Any idea’s ???

Hi @moreausmith! Are live videos also delayed in connection? If the only delay is with notifications, let’s start with removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device. This will ensure it is up to date and optimally integrated with your mobile device. As you are using Samsung, please also check for any apps that might conflict with the Ring app. I recommend also disabling bluetooth and VPN, as well as testing notifications differences between wifi or cell data only connections on your mobile device. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: