Shipping to Cyprus


I am a customer of Ring Alarm + Video Doorbell for the last 1 year.

My address is in Cyprus and without any notice or any information you stopped the shipping and support.

I have call you as well to customer support and the answer was “we stopped shipping to Cyprus but we support your system”.

So the situation is that a client that invested over 1k Euro with Ring Company and now can not purchase new products.

Are you calling this a support from your side? I need more base stations and new sensors but i can not purchase.

Can someone officially give a proper answer ?

I can see the similar post without any proper answer ( Shipping to the Czech Republic

Thank you.

Hi @user54099. The information in the post that you shared is correct. If you have any further questions about this, feel free to send us a message on Facebook @Ring. Thank you for this feedback.

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