Shipping / Handling Times LONG!

What is the typical handling time between initial ordering and shipping?

I ordered a new ring alarm system last Wednesday AM (7am CST) (6/3). I have not gotten any shipping updates and the order status is “confirmed” on the order status page.

I tried reaching out via web chat but I didn’t get any concrete update on a estimated time line.

Is this normal?

If you haven’t received it yet, you can try cancelling it. All the ring products are likely to be on huge discount on Amazon Prime Day coming up soon. Also, Amazon is great about shipping, tracking, and returns.

Well I ordered for my wife who is a teacher, so she got the 20% off ordering via I’d rather keep that order… and I’m impatient lol!

I see. Well, I can’t speak to Ring shipping times but I know many folks here have had some issues with things like confirmation, returns, and the like. Did you get a new or refurbished system? I suggested Amazon because of their stellar support and, they own Ring.

Thanks for the advice. I may just end up ordering from Amazon and see which one gets here first!