Shipping delays

So I’ve actually reached day 30 of my order sitting in my dashboard saying it’s “processing”. Is this normal for Ring when comes to deliveries? If yes then why say at time of ordering that the order will ship within 24-48 hours? Also before someone says “have you contacted customer service or logistics?” I’ve done that many times and keep getting asked to wait another week from each representative each week. I’m at wits end and feel the only option is to demand a refund or file a dispute with my bank credit card. Here’s a suggestion for Ring, don’t charge customers credit cards until you are ready to ship with available stock :roll_eyes:

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When you check your order in your Order History what does it indicate? ( Order History (
Look in the upper right where your items are listed. For recent orders of mine it was accurate within a few weeks.
However, with the continued supply chain difficulties that are ever increasing it has become disappointingly more normal for these kinds of delays.

Status “processing”. That’s it. Customer service and logistics confirm they have the order just that they don’t have the products to ship. Beyond ridiculous that they charge for stock that they don’t even have and don’t update their site to indicate it’s out of stock. :roll_eyes:

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Marking this issue as resolved by Ring. After 5 weeks of getting conflicting information from customer service and logistics (claimed that part of my order shipped but were not able to provide an itemized list of what shipped or a tracking number or clarify why my order was still stuck at “processing” when signed into my order page) I reached out to Ring’s CEO James, that list his email as part of their brand recognition. He promptly put me in touch with one of Rings executive team to have my order cancelled and received an email indicating a refund to my credit card will be received within the next 5 to 10 business days. An unfortunate turn of events and one I hope to avoid in the future. Ring can avoid this issue in the future by updating their website to list real-time stock so customers don’t buy something that’s not in the warehouse or at least have realistic expectations on when it will be delivered (i.e. “item you selected is currently on back order, shipping delayed by 3 weeks”). Also their order systems between Ring and Amazon fulfillment need to work better so orders list correctly and don’t sit stuck in limbo for weeks at a time. Customers should also get email updates or in the Ring app when their order is delayed.