Shimmering effect on video - Stickup Cam?

I am getting a shimmering effect with a Stickup cam when a fluorescent light is on in the room where it is located, only started recently. I have another Indoor cam in the same room and do not see the effect. Any ideas?

Hi @Antony_D. Could you please share with us what this looks like? A recording or screenshot of this should help us out in the Community isolate what it happening to your camera. :slight_smile:

Here is a sample video…

@Antony_D Thank you for that video example! It definitely seems like the fluorescent light is throwing off the video, as well as maybe some outside light. When you set up the Stick Up Cam, did you select it to be Indoors or Outdoors? This could also be affecting the quality, as the Indoor Cam is only used for inside usage, and therefore is easily able to process the video without this effect. I recommend also trying to reset the device by pressing and holding the setup button for 30 seconds to see if this helps, or re-setting up the device after removing it from your account, especially if you are unsure if you selected Indoors or Outdoors during setup. Let me know if either of these help!

Hi Chelsea,

Thanks for this. this is actually video from the Stickup cam and the camera was set up as an indoor camera and issue is fairly recent, the other camera is the indoor cam and works fine. I will try resetting…

@Antony_D Thank you for confirming and that additional info! Please let me know how the reset goes, and if it you still see that the light is still a bit off, try removing it and re-setting it up and let me know how that goes as well. :slight_smile: