shield for floodlight cam?

If I need to place the floodlight cam in a place without any cover, basically directly exposed to rain, snow, sun, etc. Would it work?

I am thinking to add some shield or cover for it may mitigate.

For example, something like this: However, I am not sure if this one is big enough for floodlight camera.

Or is something like this sufficient?

Anyone has experience on a similar situation? Thanks.

Hi @samsaraisland. While our devices are weather resistant, they are not weather proof, so you may want to look into getting something like this shield to help out! The first link did not work for me, but the second link looks like a shield someone created, and it doesn’t seem to me that it covers up the camera or the bulb on the button, so it should be just fine and help out! Maybe another neighbor will chime in on this, but if you do get this, feel free to share how the setup goes and what it looks like on your cam. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the bad link, it is

@samsaraisland Thank you for that! After comparing the both, I would still go with the second one with the link that originally only worked for me. The correct link with the big dome may affect the camera’s motion detection and camera view.