Sharing / Privacy Dilama

I have few ring cameras and ring doorbell and alexa echo show devices at home. ring devices is covered by ring protection plan.

amazon alexa accesses the ring devices - including ring alarm base station via via the alexa ring skill - using my ring account.

i shared Home ring devices with other people at home so they would see ring devices at home.

other people at home need to sign in to their iOS devices using my alexa account to be able to access other devices.

i then have another ring plan under work account under which there are ring cameras and front door at work. ring account at work shares with me the devices at work but not with my family members, so inside ring, i would see home and work ring devices, my family members would see home devices only.


until people at home uses alexa - under my account - then they would see devices at work too.

how can this be called sharing and privacy?

Then don’t let anyone use your account other than yourself if you don’t want others to access things you don’t want them to access.
Use only your home account on your home devices. If you want to access your work stuff separately and more securely, then get a device that you only use for work that only you access and no one else.
Ring can’t provide you security for you if you yourself are sharing the account.