Shared Users? What does that mean?

Shared Users, huh?

The Ring Doorbell Pro 2 has a feature called Shared Users. I’m sorry, I just don’t get it. If I were to share my car with you, I’ve given you the keys to my car, you’re out there driving it around. While you’re driving it around, I certainly cannot be driving it at the same time.

So, what is a “shared user”? I can’t give you one of my family members that you then remove from my house. For me, the term Shared User conveys only confusion. What is the use case(s) that Shared Users is trying to address? Why would I care? What does it give me that not enabling it or using it, doesn’t?

If you have a Ring account and you want your other half or family member to be able to view the doorbell feed, answer the chime, etc, you add them as a shared user to your account. The shared user on my account is my Wife. On my brothers, the shared users on his account are his wife and the kids.

Thank you, @Marksfish, that helps.

But follow up question, what do you mean by adding them as a shared user to my account so they can view the doorbell feed? View it on what? And is there a limit to the number of people who can be designated as shared users?

So, I have the Ring app on my phone and login via that. My wife also has the ring app on her phone and created an account. I have added her account to my device so that she can also interact with the doorbell on her phone. Using her account details, she can also view the doorbell on the Ring website. What she can’t do though is change any settings, etc, as she is just a user. I don’t know if there is a limit, but my brother has 8 people on his device.


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Thank you very much for providing me with these details!! That explains what shared users are and how they’re to be used. So, then, if I want to add anyone to the Ring app, they can download the Ring app to their phone, log in using their Ring account and I can share the Ring device in the app. I conclude that the Ring device can only be associated with one Ring account at a time but viewing who’s at the door is possible as a shared user.

Thank you again!

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