Shared Users unable to access chime pro settings

Hey @Marley_Ring

I realize this response is from 2.5 years ago, but that is not really an acceptable answer (“just share you login”). In fact, Ring stresses not to share login credentials, and it’s also impossible when you have 2FA set up. (Nevermind the fact that I might have devices shared w/ me that I don’t want to then grant access to another person).

Can the ability to share Chime settings - at LEAST snooze settings - get on the dev roadmap? This is a huge oversight in my opinion, and causes a lot of grief when someone cannot mute the chime without reaching out to the person who has the “owner” account.

There is a longer thread here that might have been missed, since I see no comment from a Ring employee, so just in case:

Share Chime and Chime Pro with Shared Users

Anyway, hopefully this is a feature that is coming soon - it really is essential.