Shared Users unable to access chime pro settings

As I’m reading through this forum I’m seeing more and more people not able to have at LEAST two owners or at a minimum two users with the ability to change the away mode, access the addon devices they bought, as we have.
My wife and I share everything equally, and for her not to have the same access as myself that is absolutely ridiculous. I know we are living in a society that looks at traditional marriage with a scornful eye, and companies tend to pander to the majority, so if I’ve chosen the wrong product, I’m well within my ability to return the ring pro 3, the chime pro, echo screen and exterior lighting.
Is this the final verdict? We are limited to simply shared Users with a minimalist approach to usability and device management?

Hi there, @ThaDoctor! At Ring we value your security and your privacy. For this reason, we keep your privacy in mind while providing features that allow you to obtain the “Ring of security” needed for your household. Your observation is correct, shared users cannot alter device settings.

If you are needing multiple devices to have owner access, you do have the ability to login to multiple mobile devices using the same credentials. These authorized devices can be seen and controlled via your Control Center in the Ring app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hey @Marley_Ring

I realize this response is from 2.5 years ago, but that is not really an acceptable answer (“just share you login”). In fact, Ring stresses not to share login credentials, and it’s also impossible when you have 2FA set up. (Nevermind the fact that I might have devices shared w/ me that I don’t want to then grant access to another person).

Can the ability to share Chime settings - at LEAST snooze settings - get on the dev roadmap? This is a huge oversight in my opinion, and causes a lot of grief when someone cannot mute the chime without reaching out to the person who has the “owner” account.

There is a longer thread here that might have been missed, since I see no comment from a Ring employee, so just in case:

Share Chime and Chime Pro with Shared Users

Anyway, hopefully this is a feature that is coming soon - it really is essential.



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