Shared Users Issue

I have two Rings: One is a doorbell at the front door, the other is an inside camera in my sitting room. I gave my roomate ‘shared access’ so she could see the front door doorbell only. However, she is also seeing the inside sitting room which I do not want her to have. I have checked and rechecked the access and it shows on my master account that she only has access to the front doorbell. Why is she still able to access the inside sitting room camera of my apartment? Of note, after I sent her the invite, I had to sign-in with my creditials on her phone. Is this the problem? If so, how does she sign in. Ugh, I’m through with this Ring!! ATT has one I may switch to.

Hi @TodayInMemphis! This will be best resolved by having your roommate sign in to her own Ring account. Signing into the Ring app using your credentials, will log her into the owner account and will provide her access to all Ring devices and settings. To add her as a shared user only, she will have to create a Ring account using her own email, sign in with that email, and then you would want to add her email under your Shared User invitation. This will accomplish what you are looking for in granting your roommate access to only the device you desire to share. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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