Shared users can't access live view to camera in disarmed mode

We bought my parents a Ring Security system with an indoor camera a while ago. They set up their camera right away, and I promised next time I was in town I would finish setting up the actual alarm system with the contact sensors.

I completed the setup today and discovered that any shared users (my mom) can no longer access the live view on the indoor camera when it’s in Disarmed mode. It says “Live View is disabled. Only the Device Owner can control this feature.” She can only access live view when it’s in Home or Away mode.

My dad is the account owner and on his app we have the camera set to do Live View under the Disarmed mode. It says that the camera “will provide Live view for all users in this mode,” but obviously it doesn’t.

Anyone have a solution?

Hi @shoegal23. Have you tried having your dad remove her as a Shared User, and then re-add her to refresh the process and ensure she has access to both the Ring Alarm system and the Indoor Cam. I’d have them give that a try, as well as edit the Modes settings again to ensure that Live View is enabled when the system is in the Disarmed Mode. Let me know how that works. :slight_smile: