Shared users arming/disarming via the Ring App

I’m the account holder and can therefore use the Ring app on my mobile phone to arm and disarm as well as using the keypad. When I set up another member of the family as a shared user I thought it would enable them to carry out the same action on the Ring app on their mobile phone. This doesn’t seem to be doable so their only option to arm and disarm is from the keypad. Is this correct or am I missing something obvious? Is there another way they can arm and disarm using their mobile phone?


Hi @Eablet. Are you adding them as a Shared User or as a Guest User? Guests will only be able to arm or disarm the system via the Keypad, while Shared Users will have access via the Ring app. You can learn more about Shared Users and the Ring Alarm here. Make sure the Shared Users are toggled to the correct Location in the Ring app, which will have (Shared) in the title. Locations can be changed by selecting the Location name at the top of the Ring app and selecting the correct one from the drop down list.

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