Shared Users and Modes

Hi, I have started using Modes and it works a treat for me. The issue I have is that Shared Users are unable to change the modes. On their app or online, it is not showing at all. When you click on new features it shows that Modes is enabled and Geo Loc isn’t. I can turn the Geo Loc but cannot see the Modes.

Would really appreciate some feedback as this limitation renders the app unusable when you have multiple people in the same location.

Tks ;o)

Hi @Beno44. Make sure your Shared Users are on the correct Location in the Ring app. If they are toggled to the All Cameras Location, the Modes will not be displayed. They will need to be on the Location that says (Shared) in the name, and the Modes should be there for them to toggle between.

Unfortunately it is already on the location itself.

Any other suggestions?

Issue resolved, I had not shared the “mode” as well as the camera sharing.


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