Shared users and Live Viewing in Disarmed Mode

When the primary user switches from Home mode to Disarmed mode the primary users app shows “Live View Disabled” BUT the shared users app still gives “Live View” access even though the mode has been changed from Home to “Disarmed”
After running some network tests to see if there was a delay in the shared users app updating the status I found the following.
If the primary user switches modes, the shared user can continue to use “Live view” in disarmed mode as long as they wish.
It is not until the shared users app is fully closed and then reopened that the “live view” entitlement is updated and removed.
So unless I am missing something, using Disarmed Mode actually means all your shared mates can view your live feeds at any time, during any mode, provided they don’t restart their apps.
Disarmed mode is therefore NOT PRIVATE OR properly DISARMED in DISARMED MODE

Hi @Stevexxx. I would recommend verifying that the Shared Users Ring app is updated with the latest update available. If it is and you are still having the same concern, reach out to our support team to have this further investigated. Give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here.