Shared user QRcode

Hi everyone.

I’m trying to setup my partner as a shared user and sent her an invite, but when she tries to setup she is asked to scan the QR code. I won’t go into details but in my specific installation some adhesive was required so the QR code is probably no longer accessible. So I have a couple of questions:

Firstly, to solve our problem, are we doing it right and does it ask every shared user to scan the QR code? Is the code available in the app anywhere?

Secondly, if that is right, should it really ask for this for every user? It seems odd that if you need to change (new people move in etc) you can’t add a user without unmounting the doorbell. Should this be a feature request?

Hi @Siblin. After your partner accepts the Shared User invite, make sure she is on the correct location in the Ring App. If she taps the location at the top of her Ring App, there should be a drop-down with the locations and one should have “(Shared)” in the name to indicate that it has a Ring device that was shared to her. Otherwise if she has a location with no devices set up, it’s likely prompting her to set up a device which is what scanning the QR code is for. I hope that helps clear things up. :slight_smile: