Shared user permissions for light group

Is there a way to share out my light group to a shared user? I do not see the group under shared user permissions for anyone. In the past it had let me share it with my wife but it no longer shows up under permissions.


Good question @gmichaelr! At this time you cannot add a shared user to your Light Group. While you can add users to access your individual devices, or even devices that might be linked with others, a group is unable to be shared. Feel free to add your desire for this in our Feature Request board! :slight_smile:

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This really needs to be fixed. I cannot share my light group notifications with my partner nor can I delete the light group in order to do so. Maddening.


Big plus one. This is a huge downside of the product for any household. The only solution is sharing credentials which is not good for security.


The absurdity of selling light bulbs and not allowing all users of the house the most basic ability to turn a light bulb on and off…I mean, this has to be a joke, right? I need the bridge that came with these bulbs, otherwise I’d be returning. Ring is literally selling a lightbulb that only one person is allowed to turn on/off. And the support person I spoke to could only read from a script and had no clue how to respond when I asked her “are you telling me that when someone at home wants to turn off a light, they have to call me and have me do it for them???”. Ring should be embarrassed.


Couldn’t agree more!! The more I use this system the more it annoys the f*&% out of me. It’s enough to make me want to scrap it all and switch to a different system. (I’m actually researching different systems right now…)

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I only recently stumbled across this missing functionality when trying to add my wife to a simple light group I setup for a couple of A19 bulbs in the garage.

This really is a pretty common-sense function, allowing users besides the initial person that set up a light group to control that light group… Frankly this should have been present from Day 1!

@Marley_Ring Given that it’s been nearly a year now since this functionality was 1st requested, can you please provide any kind of update on the development status and/or an ETA to release of this feature?

Given that Ring lights already allow any and all users to control them via Alexa, the necessary framework/API’s to enable group-sharing functionality must already exists, so why not expose them directly to users?? Additionally, if the concern is security, then why does Ring even allow all users voice-control, but not direct control via the app?! This logic is completely counter-intuitive and contradictory, it should be resolved ASAP!


Hi neighbors! At this time, we have no update or ETA to share on this functionality. We appreciate your feedback and we’ll share an update once we have one available. :slight_smile:

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Caitlyn_ring what do you propose is a solution for those of us with more than one user in a household? Only one person has permission for perpetuity? So if my wife wants to turn on/off the lights with the app, she can’t and she’s in the dark? Logically this makes zero sense. We can share the doorbell but not lights. And in order to setup a light, we’re required to put it into a group but then can’t share the group… honestly, please explain it to me like I’m 5.


It is absolutely absurd that this is still a problem AND that Ring will not even say if they plan to fix it. I’m shopping for other solutions. Ridiculous, and actually not safe for the other users.

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I echo the concerns of everyone else in this chain. This is an obvious missing capability that should be adding immediately. Otherwise you should no longer advertise lights as an integrated function of Ring…because it is not. It is a sloppy partially implement add-in right now.

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Not being able to use 3rd party door sensor, ok I can try and understand.

Not being able to use 3rd part bulbs(Sengled)… not happy.

Not being able to share access to the Ring Bulbs, after having to purchase an additional light bridge and bulb pack… ridiculous!

Made the switch to Ring echo system after having a Ring doorbell and SmartThings hub for years.
Thought the single app would make everyone’s lives easier, but it is seeming to be the opposite.

Ring, come on.


We got an entire set of these lights for my dad who doesn’t really know how to modify any settings via the Ring app, so being able to share permissions for access into the light groups is actually essential. WHY has this not been updated yet? This needs to be a priority. We spent probably $300 and this is just ridiculous.


Thank you for the continued feedback on this, neighbors! While we continue to share this with our teams here, I wanted to provide the link to our Feature Request Board. This is a great place to add your reinforcement in votes to any requests there. Keep an eye on the Community and for any updates! :slight_smile:

Incredibly frustrating. Would not have bought the ring lights had we known my husband and I wouldn’ t BOTH be able to control them. Ridiculous. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!


The support mods keep suggesting a gesture be submitted, but there are already several on this topic.

Please merge all the separate feature requests on this topic and sum the count and give us a link so we can all add our support to a single to ticket.



I think I saw the “nutso”. Couldn’t agree more. We just got a plug in receptacle for our greenhouse. I was traveling this weekend, and my partner had to text me so Ii could turn the light on/off.

It is complete absurd to think only one person uses the lights.

Ring … when will this be fixed???


Can my wife log into her app as me at the same time so we can BOTH turn the lights on and off? If not ALL of the bulbs we just bought are useless!!!

I agree. Makes absolutely ZERO sense.

Just Checking…is it 2022, you’re still advertising this as a smart lighting solution for homes, but ONLY ONE PERSON IN THE HOME CAN CONTROL THE LIGHTS? What an absolute joke. Please tell me I didn’t spend another $200 on worthless ring products.