Shared user help

Seem to be going round in circles with adding a shared user to the device. I’ve been sent a link to follow from the “owner” which takes me to set up an account. I log in, there’s nothing to click within the app about an invite so I go to set up device and it tells me to contact the owner to add me as a shared user, and so on…

Hi there, @B_hitchin! It sounds like you are covering all the right steps for this to work. It may take some time after you’ve accepted the invitation for the shared device to show in your Ring app. When you log in to your Ring app, it will likely show your location, try checking the location drop down at the top of the screen or in the Ring app menu, to see if a shared location is there.

Here’s our article about shared users for more tips on adding. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: