Shared User Device Limit

Ok, so prime day came and went and I might have gotten a little overzealous. Lol. Purchased the Ring alarm to phase out our current alarm system. Just can’t beat Rings price. Also purchased 9 various cameras (floodlight, spotlight, stickup) to supplement out two ring doorbells. Tried adding my wife as a shared user and it will not let me add more then seven devices. Like the first seven are all I have options to add. If I take a device offline, then re-add it, it rotates off the list of ones I can add. We both have newer iPhones. Tried making a new account for her - same problem. Spent two hours on phone with tech support and they can’t figure it out either. Tech support was great, but advanced tech support never calls back when they say they will. Anyways, they figure it is likely a problem with the programming in the app. Anyone else have similar experiences, or I am one of the few who go a little crazy on Prime Day?

I had the same issue as you on Prime day - I ended up with a Ring alarm (8 entry sensors, 2 motion), Doorbell Pro, 8 stickup/spotlight cameras, along with 3 electronic deadbolts tied to Ring.

I was able to add everything without any issues; I can see all 9 cameras in the app, and I have 3 users (2 Android, 1 iPhone). I did all the setup on an Android phone; maybe it’s an iPhone-specific issue?

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When you say three users, do you mean three devices on one account? I can see everything on my account on my phones and iPads. My wife is a shared user on her own account and that’s where the issue is. There seems to be a limit on shared users. I currently have 9 ring cameras and ring alarm.

Hey @Chris , are any of your Cams in a light group?

There are two spotlight cams and a floodlight cam. The floodlight and one of the spotlights are able to be shared. One of the spotlights is not, along with two stick up cams currently.

Thank you for confirming that information @Chris . When you get a moment, can you please double check the settings for each device in question and ensure that they are not added to a group. Additionally, if linked please try un-linking then adding a shared user. Looking forward to your response!

Taking them out of a light group seems to have done the trick and made them all shareable. Thank you. The downside is that I can’t group the lights and use them as a group, unless you guys have an update coming to fix that…

It was nice to group the two spotlight cams or my floodlight cam with my low voltage lights.

Removing light groups also worked for me.

RING is there a fix coming for this bug, as functionality is now compromise because of it?

What to you mean by “taking them out of light group?”