shared user cannot access snapshot views, only logged events and live view

On my android phone app, I can access the live view, event view, and can examine the snapshots taken over time.

My wife is a shared user and has the RING app on her iphone. Her app view is much more limited than mine and provides only the event history and the live view. It seems she cannot see the snapshots.

Are shared users given much more limited access to the camera features through the RING app? Is there a way she can get access to the snapshots?

Hi @bman! As long as your shared user has the timeline view enabled, with the ability to swipe back through the history, the snapshots should also show up. To enable the timeline feature, open the menu in the Ring app and select the new features option. If this concern persists, have the shared user remove and reinstall the Ring app on their mobile device. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Perfect! Thanks so much. It’s working now.

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