Shared user being asked to add new device

I sent a shared user request to a family member. They created An account and verified their email, but it hasn’t taken them to the owners doorbell (me)

It’s asking them to scan a code to add a new device

How do I make this user a shared user?

Hey @Tang. For your shared user, they may have two locations on their account, which is why they are unable to see the one that you shared with them. From the shared user’s app, please follow these steps:

  • Open the Ring app and go to the main menu at the top left
  • Under the location’s name above Dashboard, tap on that
  • You should get a drop down menu that will have that location and another one that says (Shared)
  • Select the Shared location and then the shared user should be able to see the device(s) from there
    Hope this helps! :smiley_cat:

When we sign in, the first screen we get is ‘to get started with Ring, set up a Ring device’

The only other option is logout

There are no lines up top in the left corner for me to to be able to display a menu

If I click through to ‘set up a ring device’, and then choose door bell, it takes me to the screen to scan the qr code

@Tang Thanks for getting back to me! For further assistance and so that you can get support tailored to your experience, please reach out to our support team for further help on this. Feel free to let us know how it goes! You can reach them here at any time.

I’ve just had the same issue with my wifes phone. I fixed this after a hint from a Reddit user.

So to fix the problem try deleting the shared suer that has issues getting access from the master Ring acount then resend the invite. The user will get an email invitiation and told they have an account and to just open the app. Once opened the ‘Shared’ location appears.

Hope this helps you.


Thank you so much for this. It’s sad when Ring support can’t give a proper workaround for a problem before they fix it. This is most definitely a bug that needs fixing.

Re: Shared user being asked to add new device