Shared User access and Ring non-info

I want my partner to be a Shared User - easy, apparently! However, Ring do not say whether she will have to download the Ring app or not! I will be receiving my Video Doorbell 3 today, so I can’t actually do anything until it arrives.
I have received my Chime (just one, but our house could do with two!), and I have charged up my spare Quick-Release battery pack. Again, Ring do not say whether the battery pack which will (I hope!) come with the doorbell is already charged or not, but at least I have one battery pack charged and ready to go!

Hi @Billtee. Yes, your partner would need to download the Ring app so they can access the Doorbell that you’re adding them as a Shared User on. As for the battery, we recommend charging the battery that is included with the Doorbell before using it. The Doorbell will come with a micro USB charging cable to plug into a standard power outlet, and it can take around 8 hours for the battery to fully charge, depending on how much charge it has upon arrival. I hope this helps answer your questions. :slight_smile:

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