Shared control

My wife and i both need control of the CCTV from time to time. How do i set up a shared Owner?

I am in the same situation.
Regrettably, you can’t do that.

You can give her “shared access” to your device.
But that only means she gets to tag along.

She can’t set the home/away/disarmed status.
If you set up geofencing so that the notifications are muted when you return home, she will still get dinged even if you don’t.

This is of course not what you want. You want the last person to leave to arm the alarm and the first one to come home to disarm the alarm. And if you have geofencing on both you and your wife, you only want the “you are leaving your house” notification only if you were the last one to leave.

It’s like the Ring team doesn’t think that there can be more than one person in a household.
They REALLY need to get such basics down.

What you can do now is to upvote the related feature requests.
However, there is no feature roadmap. And there is no update/change history that would suggest that such elementary features are being looked at.

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