Shared Account Location Issues

Hi, we’ve bought a Ring3 doorbell along with a Chime. My girfriend set up the doorbell but struggled with the chime. She added me as a shared user, but when I was setting up an account, it seems that we have ended up with 2 locations, one a shared address & one that presumably is the address I set up (both are at the same address).

When I add the Chime, it added it automatically to ‘my address’ rather than the shared one, so I end up with a doorbell on one & a chime on the other.

I’ve removed the device & deleted the location so all I now have is the shared one, but now when I try to add the Chime, it asks me to set up my first location. So is it the case that only the Owner can add another device? Thanks

I would add that she has set me up with full access so I should be able to do this. When she tries to do it, it initially connects to the wifi but then goes into a loop.

Hey @bt7019. There can only be one owner of a Ring device at a time, so if you set up one device on her account and then one on your account, you will have a location for the device you are shared on, and then a location for the device you are now an owner on. You will need to ensure both devices are set up on the same account, and then you can share them. Please note as well that you are unable to create a shared user for the Chime or Chime Pro.