Shared access user not ringing

My wife is a shared user on our account. The problem is her phone isn’t ringing when someone presses the doorbell, only mine. When I look at the app on her phone, i see the option for Ring Notifications, but it won’t let me select it, its like option is grayed out. Am I missing something?

Hi @Johnadamsii. It sounds like the Ring App may not have permission to send notifications, but this can be adjusted in her phone’s settings app. You can find steps on how to adjust app permissions for Android devices here and for iOS devices here. After ensuring that the Ring App has permission to send notifications, try toggling the motion and ring alerts back on in the Ring App. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

That worked! Sort of, anyway. I was able to find the setting in the Settings app on her iPhone, its working now!

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