Share Level locks, but not other devices

Hi, I’d like to share the ability to open Level Locks, but NOT control the alarm or view at the cameras.

The use case is if the alarm is on, the shared users I am trying to configure SHOULD trigger the alarm if they enter the home when the alarm is activated. We generally do not activate the alarm unless we are traveling for an extended duration.

What’s not an option is they cannot have access to the locks. There’s no reason to have smart locks if that’s the case.

How can I share the locks in the Ring app without sharing cameras or the security system controls?

Hi @Orangesauce. You have control over which devices a Shared User has access to, so you can share the Alarm but not your Doorbell or Camera. However, you cannot share the integrated smart lock without also sharing the Alarm system, as the pin code used for the lock and the Alarm will be the same. It’s worth noting that you can remove Shared or Guest User access at any time, and that user’s pin code will no longer work. For more information on Shared Users and integrated smart locks, check out this Help Center article.