'Share' causing phone restart

Recently I’ve been trying to use the share feature on motion capture on my floodlight cam and when selecting to share the footage when selecting the ‘share’ option on the following pop-up is causing my phone to restart.
Floodlight cam running latest firmware
Ring app version: 3.52. 0
OS: Android 12, July '22 security update
Device: Pixel 6 Pro


Hi @DamienE. It looks like some neighbors in this thread here are also experiencing this concern. If possible, using another phone, can you capture a video of this happening? You can upload this video elsewhere, such as YouTube, and then share the link to the video in your reply. This will help us while we look into this concern. Thanks, neighbor!

Having same problem and have a Pixel6 too. Cleared cache and still crashes my phone


Same here. Pixel 6. I click share, and my phone reboots.


I wonder if its a permissions issue on the latest Android OS? I shared from my ipad with no issues.

I have the PIXEL 6 with Android 12 Security Update July, 5, 2022

Ring App Version 3.52.0


  • Clear Cache
  • Clear Storage
  • Uninstall and Reinstall App
  • Checked and enabled all permissions

Still rebooting when I click the “Share” button. Will try to remember to come back here if they have an app update, and if it fixes it. In the meantime, I will share from my Apple iPad.


Hi neighbors! I have passed this information onto my teams so they can further investigate this concern. In the meantime, try using a different device to share videos if you have one available, or you can use Ring.com as well. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

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Pixel 6 pro android version 12. My phone is also restarting when I press the share button.

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Same issue on pixel 5

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Same problem for me, Pixel 6. When I click Share, app freezes and phone reboots. Android system and all apps are updated. What to do?

I am having the exact same issue. My Pixel 6 restarts after I attempt to share a video.

Same problem here Pixel 6 Pro. Works in my wife’s iphone 12 pro and all my other android devices. This is pretty sad that a large company like this has not fixed this issue, also considering I am paying for the premium tier service. Make this a priority and FIX this issue, or multiple complaints to the BBB / FTC / FCC will be submitted from multiple people and accounts. Shame on you Ring.

Same here today with a Pixel 6a. Just adding a vote!