Shadow red stripe on security cam video

Security cam is 18 months old and has worked great until now. Recently, video image (live or recorded) has a red shadow stripe on the side (during the day) and a white shadow (at night). Ring customer service confirms image problem but has no suggestions to repair. Camera is out of warranty. Has anyone else seen this? Do I just need to buy another camera?

I have a camera that recently developed this condition.

Frustrating call to support yesterday! Trying to get help online.

see this discussion “Spotlight Cam (wired) - Half image is faded”

Hey- Online searches have suggested a problem with a stuck filter in camera. My “stripe” finally took over whole field so now my pictures are all pink. Camera still records motion & I can still check on house so I am living with it for the time being. Ring couldn’t suggest repair but did offer a coupon to replace. I’m saving coupon until I can get down to the house (in another state) and shake the camera.

Also have pink stripe on my flood light camera. Called support. Total waste of time, very unknowledgable. Wouldn’t/Couldn’t even tell me what causes this issue. You’d think for a $250.00 investment, you’d get more than a year and a couple months use from it. Ring’s solution, we’ll sell you a new one. We’ll give you 35% off. NO, THANK YOU!!! I need a solution that lasts longer than what I got from this product.

So - closing out story. They offer the coupon because they will never fulfill the order!! I ordered replacement on November 15 and message stated expedited shipping within 24-48 hours - or delayed another 24-48 hours because of covid. After 2 weeks I contacted Ring “chat” and first contact said “oh so sorry, you will hear from us in 24-48 hours. I contacted chat again and was told cameras were back ordered and my order would now not be fulfilled until Dec 30. I asked if I could buy the camera locally (available at Lowe’s) and receive a credit. No, that is not their procedure. The technical folks seem competent but customer service is atrocious!