SEveral App issues with Ring alarms at two properties

We have Ring alarms, doorbells and cameras at two properties. Today I installed a wired Ring Doorbell at the back door of one of them and spent some time going through the app.

  1. I cannot seem to change the sound of the doorbell when the button is pressed. Can on the linked Chime - but not the doorbell. We have a doorbell at our Front Door and our back door and it would be really helpful to be able to have two different sounds ‘There’s someone at your UK Front Door’ , ‘There’s someone at your UK Back Door’ and ‘There’s someone at your US Front Door’
  2. One of our Ring alarm base stations is in a downstairs cloakroom with no other Ring devices… and I cannot name the location in the General Settings.
  3. I cannot rename the alarm base stations. Would like to rename them to identify where they are.
  4. In the app, I select ‘All Cameras’ and click on ‘Devices’ from the main menu. Scroll down where I see ‘Security’ and it shows both ‘Alarm Base Stations’ as ‘Offline’. I select one location on the top of the screen, then ‘Devices’ and scroll down to see under ‘Security’ the ‘Alarm Base Station’ is ‘Online’.
    When I go back and select the other location and ‘Devices’, again under ‘Security’, I see the other ‘Alarm Base Station’ is ‘Online’.

Thanks for looking at these issues!

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