Setup Used System Fail

I just moved into a new home which has a Gen I Ring Alarm and Doorbell. The previous owners said they reset the systems so that I could set them up, but it is not working.

I was able to set up the doorbell just one, once I figured out that I needed to remove the cover from the doorbell in order to press the button on its side. So the doorbell is up and running.

I was able to connect to the Base Station and register it. The Alarm includes a Gen I Keypad, Range Extender, three contact sensors, and motion sensor. I cannot get the base station to recognize ANY of those items.

When I enter the Ring App, at the top is a button labeled, “Add Ring Alarm Devices,” and it lists the keypad, the range extender, the motion sensor and one of the three contact sensors. It also lists the numbers of those devices, so I assume the previous owner did not de-register them. This is where I’m stuck. I don’t know how to reset these devices or the Base Station in order to get the Base Station to connect to these devices.

What do I need to reset so that this system will work?

You need to reset the sensors from the sound of it.
Here’s the page that should explain how to do them.
“Ring Alarm – Ring Help”
If you still have problems, the call customer service.


Thank you!

It turned out to be very complicated, but calling Ring tech support was great! A super-friendly agent answered right away, and very patiently took me through the process every step of the way. Several methods didn’t work, but we persevered, and everything is working now.

I strongly recommend Ring, on the basis of their outstanding customer service.

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Great! Glad to hear it’s up and running.